Missing a dear friend in SU, the sun compass

In previous versions of SU we had a compass feature under the tools to set the angle of how the sun was hitting the object. Sure the geo feature is nice but it doesn’t replace the compass. It was a great way to see high- and low light setting.
Is there any script for this or are we stuck with the geo-location.

Thank you all,
SU is like an addiction.

Go to Extension Warehouse (Window menu) and install Solar North. It’s been converted to an optional extension since not everyone needs it.

I did a search just after my posting and found what I was looking for.
Thank you for your input and quick respons.

Question: Why is that nobody is using anymore?

It’s not that nobody is using it. Some people are. It’s that there are quite a few people using SketchUp for things where solar north doesn’t have any value. I mostly draw furniture with SketchUp and have no interest in where north is relative to my coffee table.

I’m not sure if your nice table can reach maximal zen then :wink:


That’s an extremely very nice table.
Are you working with wood as well?
I belong to a forum NRG’s MSW (ModelShipWorld) that’s my type of wood working.


Per F

Thank you, Per. I have a woodworking shop at my home and make a variety of things.I have bult several boats although not model ones. I haven’t the patience for that. This is the smallest boat I’ve built.

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