Location Tool

Glad to see the implementation of location in the shadow tab. I am finding that it is only possible to zoom in only so much and not close enough for the tool to be useful. Also, adjustments to the rectangle to grab the area are not enabled. Is this still in the works?

Looking good otherwise. Great work.

Thanks for the report here Omar. We’ll look into the issue with the crop pins not working, that looks like a bug.

In order to support the higher resolution NearMap tiles, which are sold via credits in SketchUp Desktop and SketchUp for Web apps, the purchase of those map tiles would have to run through Apple’s in-app purchasing system. Wiring all that up is not something that we have in scope for the iPad app at this time.

Thanks Mike, I think some basic functionality for the regular open street maps would be fine in my case. We get Nearmap in the office via separate arrangement we have with them.

I wasn’t aware we had the add location tool. Now that I know about that, I would love to be able to export a pdf from SketchUp for iPad. If it could be exported to scale like 1:2000 in A1 format or something like that, I would be able to import a map into Concepts, figure out some areas and sketch with it, then import it again into, SketchUp as an image and project the sketches into a face and model from that.

It would be a great process.

Is there no manual geolocate?

To understand where I’m coming from, I’ve settled on a workflow where I model my building in one file with the default axes and the building in the most natural orientation for it’s shape, and, if I need accurate shadows, I use Solar North to set north. The site is in a separate model file where the default axes work easily with geolocate, and I don’t use Solar North to change which way is north. The building is saved out of it’s work file as a component file and imported into the site model as a component, so it all works like a reference file.

For this reason, I keep asking that Solar North not be a plugin and incorporated into SU as native to the program across all platforms. For this, you need to manually set the location and north angle, unless anyone can think of another way to achieve this.

@JQL noted, re: PDF export. Makes sense.

@RTCool, there is no manual geolocate in SU for iPad yet.

Re: the workflow you outlined, is it possible that the improvement to SU 2022, which now aligns SketchUp’s standard views to the axes might help alleviate the need to work in a separate model for the building, where the axes are aligned to the building and Solar north is used, presumably for shadows?

Perhaps you could start with the site model, properly geolocated, with north aligned to the solid green axes, then adjust the model axes position after you’ve established the massing & orientation of the core structure, and use that axes position when modeling. North will still be north, but the axes can be located wherever they need to be to facilitate modeling, and your plan/elevation views will align to the axes.

I’m not sure what other benefits you gain by working with the building model in a separate file, so there may be other reasons you’d prefer to keep your current workflow?

(and note, we’re still playing catchup, so the axes <> standard views stuff described above isn’t working on iPad yet)

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