Geo-Location Issues - Workaround


I have an old copy of SketchUp (17 Make). I only use it to do simple drawings of our house and garden so we can see how changes might look.

We recently moved and I’d like to create a new file for the current house but the geo-locate feature isn’t working anymore. A blank window pops up but nothing appears inside it.

Having the geo-located info was handy to orientate the house sketch so we could see the shadows during different times of the year etc. We are considering a veg latch for the new garden so being able to see how the sun falls would be useful.

I am happy to stick with 17 as I am used to it and since geo-locate isn’t working could someone create me a mostly blank file with my house geo-located please?

If you could PM me then I can share the postcode and explain which house is mine (via Google Maps say).

Alternatively, if there is someway to inlay the image from Google Maps into SketchUp so that the house ends up facing the right way and the sun calcs work that would be good to know - thinking I need to do geo-locate for sun/shadow calcs to operate?

I don’t want to change version of SU and I can’t afford to have a subscription so hoping I can make use of my old SU for now.

Any help appreciated!



Use to get your cord’s
In Model Info/Location set your location manually using the values from above.

Google Maps also can easily give you the coordinates. Right-click on where you are, then in the context menu select the coordinates, and they will be copied to your clipboard.

Another geo location option for su8+ users is

cadmapper geo location for su17

After free registration you can download area’s up to 1km2 for free!

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Thanks for all the help. All three responses were useful but can only mark one as the solution. Hadn’t realised I can just speciify the lat/long and/or add a map myself.

I think I have mapped the house correctly. Need to draw some basic walls and fences and then see if the shadows match up to real life!



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