Geo-location error_


Geo-location is not able to add a location to my project. I have attached a picture of the problem. Has anyone had this problem?


No, not yet.

The error does not give further information what exactly failed, so it could be everything: unavailability of the server, incompatibility of the request data (changes in SketchUp or the server software), issues with your internet connection, proxy configuration, firewall.
It could be working later again.

  • You can manually geo-locate (without terrain) in by entering coordinates in Window → Model Info, but there you cannot add an elevation which is needed when you want to add a terrain later.

  • You can use one of the extensions:

I can't see the terrain in 3D, please help. I'm using SketchUp 2018

@Aerilius I did the manual geo-locate and now the regular geo-locate function with terrain is working great! Thank you!