Geo-locate pop up screen blank

Hi I am trying to use the geolocate feature. As I am base in the Southern Hemisphere, the shadows are always incorrect.
When I try using Geo Locate the pop up screen is blank?

Your profile indicates you are using SketchUp 2017 Make. If that’s true, I believe Geo-location isn’t supported anymore for that version. Part of the Current Minus Two policy. If it’s just a matter of getting shadows to display correctly you can manually enter your latitude and longitude in Model Info>Geo-locaation. Click on Set manual loction… Preumably you are a hobby user?

Thanks. How do I determine where North is in the model?

With the default orientation of the model axes, north is in the direction of the solid green axis line.

Thanks. All sorted. the more I use SketchUp the more I love it,. I tried it years ago, struggled. Now all the YouTube content is making it a breeze!
Thanks for the help!

Enjoy playing with it.