Softening curved edges

I’m looking for suggestions as to how to go about softening curved edges, specially when said curves aren’t described in a single plane (see left arrow), but pointers regarding single-plane curves would also be appreciated (right arrow)…
Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 10.38.12 PM

You can “hide” the edges with by using the eraser tool and holding shift while clicking. You can also experiment with turning off edge profiles to see if that accomplishes what you’re going for.

I also noticed you have some severe graphic aliasing (jagged edges) going on, but I’m guessing that isn’t the issue you’re discussing.

And a lot of blue reversed faces in the left hand image.

That can cause problems both in rendering, and in 3D printing. Worth fixing using either or both of Reverse Faces, or Orient Faces from a right click on selected faces.

@monospaced, that’s not really what I’m looking for; Hiding the edges won’t do anything towards reproducing the shape of the typewriter frame I’m working from. As seen here, the desired shape contains no “corners”.
dbb8749680df981e778b245c7fb3ce04 copy

@john_mcclenahan, If you look carefully, you’ll see that the blue faces you’re talking about are simply the inside of the outer face of this incomplete and not-yet-solid shape.

Not sure if this would give you the effect you want. But you could try editing the Style to turn off edges and profiles. Before you do, soften all the edges.

@franquin, yes I see that now. Sorry for my misunderstanding.

With FredoCorner

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I’ll give it a shot, thanks, although I seem to remember having had issues with that plug-in when I first tried it

I see now that you now mean you want to round the corners, NOT soften them, as you originally described. There is a huge and fundamental difference between the two things. If you want to round those corners there are many ways to do so, from modeling them originally or using a plugin as was already pointed out.