Trying to create line drawings with curved objects

I’m trying to make a nice, clean black-and-white drawing. Most of the lines show up just fine. However, a few of the components have curved surfaces that don’t show up. I’ve tried editing styles to make it more visible, but nothing is working.

Checking the profile box allows the pipe to be visible, but not the swivel fitting above it.

Hybrid C50_C58.skp (1.9 MB)

You’ve hidden the edges that need to be used for Profiles. You should have softened the edges instead.

The edges in the curved surfaces in your components are hidden, not softened. This seems to make a difference to SketchUp’s ability to generate profile lines. Open the components for editing, (there are nested groups and components), Unhide All, and use the slider in the Soften Edges tray to soften. The result will also look better in shaded views.

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You guys rock, thank you!

These fitting models were outsourced, and I kept hearing about how “clean” and “smooth” they were going to be.

The more you know…

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