Error when converting skp to dwg

Hi, in my sketchup I have armchairs, chairs, etc. downloaded from warehouse, all of these are curves (ergonomics chair for example), and when transferring it to 2d Cad, most of those curved lines do not appear. Do you know how to solve it?
For example this kitchens chairs that are curves, it looks like this when i export to dwg:


hard to say, maybe they’re softened / hidden ? maybe too small ?
the best way for us to check is for you to share your file, or at least the parts that don’t export fine.

Slide your file here in the answer box, or if it’s too big, through wetransfer or similar.

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Did you check Profiles when exporting?

sillas curvas.skp (3.7 MB)
there it is, softened/smoothed its not the problem, i tried changing that and still not working, also the size isnt small.

idk :sweat_smile: ,what & how?

nice, just wiith these chairs it did work to remove the smoothing of lines (although when it appeared many lines appeared), but for example with this armchair I tried almost everything and only the legs and base appear, not the cushions, etc. Same with this ergonomic PC chair, absolutely nothing about it appears in the cad
sillas curvas.skp (13.7 MB)

The edges in the chair surfaces are hidden instead of smoothed. Unhiding them and then smoothing produced a better result. It seems that SketchUp doesn’t draw profiles when the adjacent edges are hidden. Understandable. When you hide edges you don’t want to see them.

thank you!!! I didn’t know that existed, I thought there was only softening them, now I managed to make them see and appear on the plane. But is there a way to make only the outer edges visible in a view, or something similar, that is, just the edges?. so that it doesn’t appear like this and I have to delete all this:

(ps: 1000 thanks)

Go to styles, edit and activate profiles

You have to smooth edges so they don’t appear.

thank u, it works hahaha