Skp files to Revit - Without all the lines

OK. So this is more of a heads up and solution for those working between skp and Revit. It’s always been an issue getting skp files (furniture etc / entourage) into Revit whereby anythng curved or organic would have all the tesselation or lines of the mesh showing.
Exporting as an .obj can solve the problem (they also come across with textures) and if some lines still persist - reapply your textures in SketchUp as projected at the geometry level (I also had hidden geometry turned on). This looks like it solved the problem.

I’m interested in using more Sketchup models in my Revit workflow because modelling certain things in Sketchup is soo much easier than Revit. One issue is that most of my views in Revit are hidden line type views. All edges become visible in hidden line type views which exposes all the tessellation in the model that I wanted to hide. Is there a way to bring a sketchup object into revit where the user can control which lines they want to display in all views?

I don’t use Revit so I’m not sure if you can set the smoothness of objects or use a style that doesn’t show hidden geometry. On sketchup you can control the smothering angle, it will make invisible some lines but they will be just hidden, you can activate show hidden geometry to see all the lines that are part of an object, if you erase those lines it’s probably that some faces could disappear, some times for different reasons sketchup triangulate coplanar faces, you won’t notice it unless you activate hidden geometry, erasing those lines won’t delete the faces, you can get rid of all this lines using a plugin like cleanup from thomthom so when you export the model it doesn’t show unnecessary lines.

You can try to smooth/soften all the edges in sketchup and the export as a .obj file with all your textures intact. Import into revit as an in place family in the correct category and most of the time it works fine with your extra internal edges hidden.