Soften edges

Just created this render in sketch up shop. Without purchasing any additional plug ins, how to I soften the lines on my image to make it look more life like. I see there is a box in the menu on the right of my screen that say “soften lines/coplaner” but I cannot click it.

There are a few different things in editing the style that you can do. One would be to set Profiles to 1 in Edge settings. You could also experiment with turning Profiles off. You could see if you like turning all edges off or possibly changing their color to make them lighter. Soften edges works on selected edges. If you have no edges selected, it won’t be available for adjustment.

Access Style Edit options.

Profiles set to 1 and Edge color set to a light gray.

Edges off completely.


Thank you so much, that’s exactly what I needed.

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