Question:Soften Edges-removing edges/flattening surface?


I am attempting to model a PVC T-fitting and used the follow me tool on a circle along a L- shaped path. Then intersected it with a rectangular face on center to use left hand-side as a move/copy then flipped. To create the right-side and complete the T. I have made the fitting and it is a Solid Component in model but when I applied Soften Edges to remove lines added when off-setting the circle to make it a tube. It flattens out the top and bottom. Or if I un-check both or any combo of Smooth Normals/Soften Coplanar it is not as EXTREME but removes edges??

SoftenEdges.skp (415.9 KB)

Looking for an explanation as to what is causing this effect. I have re-modeled it 3 time with same effect each time. I am ONLY guesting but does the number of sides of the circle have to do or is the reason behind this?? I am still learning and have along way to go, even though it is a SOLID. This is making me think it still is not right?? Any ideas or info on if the number of side applied is the cause. Tried the default 24-circle, then 48 this last is 90. Just confusing myself thinking about degrees and radients and 2 * PI


Is this what you are referring to?

If so, that is the shading effect caused by the shape of the bottom of the tube, as can be seen if you view hidden geometry:

It goes away if you eliminate the soft and smooth properties on the edges along the join between the two pieces:


That is what was making me wonder, as it is not cimetrical/round and confused about the number of sides of the circle I used. The first two attempts, each half did not aline correctly. Then I also had to delete two lines when I joined these two halves, and also found a missing line(edge) on the underside just now. But it is a Solid?? Best to just do lunch and try a bit later after a brakeā€¦ Confused but not out, thanks for your time and helpā€¦Peaceā€¦


I would use a different approach, and avoid the need to softenā€¦

make a straight tube and group it, rotate, position and scale a copyā€¦

go into first group and copy only outer surfaces, exit the group and 'Paste in Placeā€™
do the same to the second group, then select both sets of outer surfaces and move to the sideā€¦
while still selected, use ā€˜intersect with selectionā€™ and remove the overlaps, then make a new groupā€¦

then do the same for the two inner surfaces in the original groupsā€¦

combine both by exploding one inside the otherā€¦SoftenEdges_2.skp (548.4 KB)



Thanks to you both for your inputs and advice and I did figure out how to complete it. Still a guest but when off-setting the circle to create the inner diameter I assume I was off the red axes and so were the edges. As for in placing the halfā€™s, being aligned. There are as many ways to make mistakes as there are for SU to skin a cat, and all advice is helpful if not today, then tomorrow. Also it is a Solid, this my main goalā€¦Peaceā€¦

FIX_Soften.skp (280.5 KB)