A simple but annoying problem

Out of respect for your time I’ll keep this short. I’m a complete newbie to sketchup so I’ve recently been following tutorials to quickly improve my abilities. I’m no proffesional but someone who likes architecture and I’m thinking about studying as an architect (just turned 18). The problem is that I’m trying to create an object (a cylinder) with some intresting patterns (for practice) and went about doing it by making one half, copying it and then putting the copies together. However, I ended up with two main problems but can only show one as I can only upload one picture.

I don’t know how to remove this line and make the two parts one part. It’s the line that goes straight down through the middle. (these are two identical parts joined together) without removing the surface it connects to. I’ve tried smoothing (is that a word?) and welding (welding addon) :

You actually want to Soften that edge, rather than erase it…

In the erase command, hold down the CTRL and then click on the line.

Another way to soften the line is to right-click on the line, and choose Soften from the contextual menu.

if you ultimately want it as one item, you could explode your two halves, delete the line and regroup it all.

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I was just typing this same answer when I realized that you may still need that edge. You may be dealing with faces on both sides of the vertical edge that are not coplanar.
Then to soften the vertical edge is your only option.

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All suggestions actually worked out- I got rid of the annoying line, Thanks guys!
However, I cant seem to get rid of the line on the inside of the cylinder and I cant make the two pieces one piece without grouping them together which really doesn’t merge them. Also can I fix that visual bug in the picture. Any advice :)?

Upload the .skp file so we can get an exact answer to your questions. Use the seventh button from the left in the reply menu.

Here you go.skp (2.2 MB)

Thank you sir!

Zoom in close to the top and you can see the problem you’ve got. Missing faces. There’s also some internal faces that need to be removed.

Once you get it all cleaned up, you should have a solid group.

I would recommend that you avoid applying materials to the model until after you’ve completed all of the geometry correctly.


Yes, the materials was just a test. But following your advice I was able to clean it up quite nicely. I still dont really understand the mechanics behind it, but that’s another day’s problem. Thank you for your time and help!


Thank you everyone for replying! A great new community I’ve found.

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Curious as to what this may be for ??


That’s a French Press coffee maker with a glass (or glass like) container surrounded by a decorative holder.

Indeed it is…if you look back up through this post the OP had made a form and I wondered what it was for, I rendered it into this as an example of what I thought it could be used for.:smile:


That’s actually really cool idea and an even cooler render! As for the original idea it wasn’t made with any purpose in mind, at first. I was following SketchupEssentials guide to voronoi (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Er0pwxQbMzs) and thought it would look cool if I made a Lantern/Light like that. I imagined it to be polished brass (with inspiration from Scandinavian design and a company called Svenskt Tenn). It would have a single light source in the middle connected with some (at the moment unknown) configuration of corse metal. It would probably cast a pretty neat shadow.

What i kinda imagine (with placerholders):

I just started using sketchup as something to do on my spare time and started this account yesterday. And I don’t even know how to spell rendereng so that’s how far I’ll get for now.
P.S any advice for a good rendering program?

Copy that. A lamp shade was my first thought and as I was looking at that the other idea came up. I think I did a render, but may have deleted? That’s a pretty advanced startup project for you and it turned out nicely.
As for rendering programs, that’s a whole other discussion, you can search on the forum for some varied perspectives on this. Much like how you came to sketchup, it’s worth trying out a few in trial mode to see what feels right for you and prices can vary from $0 - $700. ( kerkythea, indigo, twilight, v-ray, thea, keyshot, podium to name but a few.) It might be overload as you begin SU to immerse yourself in rendering as its a whole other skill set, materials, lighting etc. but if you have the bandwidth, why not?

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this was the shade.


That’s a very complicated model to start learning sketchup with -if you go that far you must be a great learner - most people start with a simple dog house or play house!

I was following a tutorial on voronoi and decided to try so it wasn’t hard. Maybe a little bit backwards but I dont really see the point in creating a dog house other than to learn the fundamental functions of the tool box. It’s a lot more intresting doing these more complex models but starting at that level is the reason I posted this problem even though it turned out to be quite a trivial fix- I should learn the fundamentals. The hard part is using everything I learn and applying it on my own project.

Pretty nice upload. I think you will do well in Architecture. Good Luck Kid.