Need help with joining 2 symetric shapes

Have been busy making aircraft in Sketchup. What i do is making half the aircraft (one side of the fuselage, one wing with its engines, etc, and then make a group of it and copying and flipping it so as to join them.
But here is the issue: How do i delete/ soften the joined edges without affecting the entire model. I cant use soften edges because it would remove the doors and windows.
What i found i could do is to hide them…

But as you can see, this leaves a mark in the model which i dont know how to soften…
Any help appreciated! have been working on this model for the entire month.

If you want to keep both half as components, for later editing, you need to ‘flatten’ the part where they connect:

Thanks, but the problem is that this mark runs also trough the nose, upper deck (this is a 747), and tail. So i guess i would need to do one face at a time on these curved zones?

oh,nevermind. I never knew i could just delete the face between them and just soften the edge with ctrl- erase. Thanks for your help! im gonna upload this to warehouse ASAP!

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