SketchUp oval imported from DXF

I’m lost and hope someone has some idea, I imported a dxf file perfectly fine, the shape is egg shaped.

My problem is when I use push pull there is a ton of lines to soften or hide on the curves surface that was extended, any fast way to clean that up or prevent It?

Either use one of the available weld plugins to weld the edges before you extrude, or use the soften/smooth dialog on the whole shape after extruding.

There’s a dialog for soften/smooth?
I used the eraser with control key but that’s too much for the computer.

You might employ clever selection techniques for just the surface you want, but actually, as @Box says, you could select it all in this case.

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In SU 8 you will find it at Window/Soften Edges or select all of it and right click and choose soften/smooth edges from the context menu.

It seems there are too many lines for my poor computer to handle, the surface is almost pure black… :frowning:

I’m wanting to dimensions to be quite correct any other things I can do?

Well, as a general strategy, if the dwg import is too messy, then you just keep it grouped and use it as a tracing guide, and draw over it from scratch with SketchUp’s own drawing tools. For complex curves, you might want a bezier curve drawing plugin.

The arc tool doesn’t seem to work well or I am missing something, can not see the 2 point arc tool

We’ve been through this before. The 2 point arc tool is simply called the arc tool in SU 8.
Install a weld extension, Like Tig Weld or Curvisard and weld the edges.

If your computer can’t handle that one shape with all the edges I would seriously suggest you should be using a different computer.

Haha if I could afford it I would… it’s prob 10 years old

If I upload the file can someone fix/clean it up?
Solid checker found 1800 problems or something haha oh no

You can certainly attach it, but don’t forget we are here to show you how to do things not do them for you.

Of course, much prefer learning… thus might be beyond my skills and my poor computers ability haha.

Imported DXF/DXG files are a real crapshoot with SketchUp. Sometimes they can work fine and other times they create a host of problems depending on what generated them and how. That’s why I suggested tracing over. If we see what you’re dealing with, we might see why.

I already did trace over it for him, two versions, apparently neither was good enough.

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Actually box are, I’m more trying to perfect the dimensions and am not succeed.
With yours I already did my model and printed, with this I am trying to make plans to build.
There are 2130 short ends and 1 Border hole.

This computer and I suck at tracing so that seems out of question haha.

Are you going to post it!?

Did it not post? Hold on, reposting.

Error.skp (283.3 KB)

You’ve got a pointlessly large number of segments in the curve, you can weld it and it works, but it’s not worth the effort as it’s not a very smooth curve anyway.
I don’t use cad so can’t tell you what you need to do to have an imported dxf with less segments.