[Case Solved] Using Follow Me tool and the result is not what i wanted to see


when I created 2 different shapes and used Follow Me, every edge/lines are visible. What I really wanted is to have these curved shape have softened lines. here’s a GIF picture below. Note: you’ll see 2 GIF picture of what would happen. The top is the correct one, but the bottom GF picture is what I don’t know what is the cause.

If you know a way to fix the problem I am having, then I would like to know how. I would appreciate your time and your help.

The edges of your Path have become exploded, so it is showing you all the geometry as hard edges.
Weld the path with one of the various weld plugins. Or Select the geometry after Follow Me, right click and select Soften /Smooth Edges and adjust the sliders to suit.

Let me check and see if it work

Okay, I’m back. The solution is working great and very simple! This is making me look bad. haha, just kidding. Thank you for the help.

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