Can Follow Me work without creating contour lines?


If I use Follow Me to, say, extrude a complicated crown molding around a room, I need to go back and soften the lines that make the curved profile–the cove or ogee or ovolo…
Is there a better way to do this?


If you deal with individual edges forming the path, then the result is as you mentioned. And you’ll need to hide or smoothh or soften resulting edges.
If you start with a curve (welded edges or say an arc) then that saves you that extra work.


Weird–just tried and you seem to be right. BUT I have been using bezier curves and arcs for these objects, and have been running into this regularly. Will explore further.


See if you can select the path in just on click.


I am wondering if it could be that the profile was drawn in a scene with a style with end-points and/or extension.


Endpoints and extensions would only show at the points where unwelded edges meet. They wouldn’t cause the lines you are seeing but the endpoints are a clue that the edge segments are not welded and that you would get the lines you referred to earlier.

Either weld the edges before running Follow Me or select all afterward, right click and choose Soften/Smooth.


Thank you both.


Profile builder might help.


Thanks Forestr. ProfileBuilder looks great. I just downloaded the trial version.