Hiding Edges on a Profile Before Follow-Me Tool


Is there a way to hide specific edges of a profile before extruding with the follow-me tool? For example, when I model a baseboard and then extrude it, I am having to go back and manually remove the unwanted edges on each segment, which is time consuming. Is there a way to remove/hide these specific edges on my profile before extruding all the way around the room?

In the picture below, I’ve manually deleted the unwanted edges from the right side of the corner, and the left is what it looks like before I’ve done this. You’ll note I don’t want to remove or hide all the edges, just the specific ones along the curved faces.

Thanks team!


Select the edges and weld them before running Follow Me. Are you still using SketchUp 2018 as indicated in your profile?

I am. Can you clarify what you mean by “weld the edges”? I assume this is why some profiles I extrude don’t have all the extra edges and the others do.

After running Follow Me the edges wind up exploded. There are a couple of Weld plugins available from either Sketchucation or thr Extension Warehouse that can reweld them. Select the edges after the first Follow Me operation and weld them with the plugin. Or you could use Eneroth Auto Weld (Extension Warehouse) to automatically weld the edges when Follow Me has run. Then you won’t have to deal with manually welding them.

Alternatively you can select the parallel edges and use Soften/Smooth on them.

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Took a second to get the knack of it, but the Weld plugin works great. I found it easiest to weld the unwanted edges of each curve segment into one first before doing any follow me tool.

Hopefully this helps someone else down the line. Thanks DaveR!

Weld is now a native tool in newer versions.


Just a little follow up to demo some of what Dave has already mentioned.
You can see here how I start with a clean unexploded circle and the follow me extrusion is also clean, but a further follow me with have exploded edges. If you weld those edges and again use follow me you will find it has exploded again.
This is what can be avoided by using Eneroth’s Autoweld.
And just to finish off you can see it is only a couple of clicks to clean it up with soften/smooth.
Follow explode