Follow Me Tool was changed in a recent update?

I have just realized, that the Follow Me tool has a new behaviour and now automatically smoothens surfaces without asking you. Please see the following screencap:

The old Follow Me always left the edges of the flat surfaces I point out sharp. It smoothened only the curved ones (in this example the rounded bevel curves). This is a pain in the back, because now if I have to apply a different textures to flat and curved surfaces, I have to manually go in and unsmooth all the lines. When you take into consideration that I’m working on a hollow pipe, the job more than doubles. I used to be able to double click on a flat/curved surface and it would keep the selection within bounds. Now when I double click on the surface it selects the whole extrusion…

I found no way to tell Follow Me NOT to smooth out those lines. What can be done? Why was this randomly and silently changed?

Follow Me vs. PushPull - SketchUp Make 2017

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maybe you (auto?) welded the lines before the follow me? If the lines and arcs are separate, the should be an unsmoothed line afterwards.

If the arcs are exploded to individual segements it does work that way. Not when they are arcs, though. :wink:

First with arcs. Second with exploded curves.


Exploding and welding the arcs would be one way to get the desired result with one folw me and no postprocessing …


Interesting that exploding and welding the arcs changes the results compared to the original arcs. Never noticed that before. I have Eneroth Auto Weld set up to automatically weld with Follow Me so the difference has never popped up for me.


Thank you all so much for the replies!
Cotty, your workflow is the best in my opinion (at least for this particular issue). How did you even know that exploding and welding has that (side)effect on the Follow Me? It’s amazing! Once again thank you all!

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At some point in the 17 year relationship with SketchUp I must have stumbled across it, In doubt I learned it from Dave and he just can’t remember it… :crazy_face:


You’re telling me that after my 11 year relationship of SKP I still have stuff left to discover? :smile: