Soap skin & bubble round edges

russtica.skp (680.8 KB)

I was trying to make one side of this stadium-like model by making one side and coping it over to the other side. But I could not configure soap skin and bubble so that the connection is smooth. As in the shape would be normal to the plane of symmetry in the middle.

was the line marked with the red arrows on one plane/axis when you ran ssb? otherwise when reflected it will not all line up. The left version has the reflection plane’s edge on a vertical plane and the one on the right has that edge skewed.

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Thanks for the reply. It was on one plane. But I could not get a smooth edge along the plane of symmetry.

black line is the shape that ssb gave me. Red line is what I am looking for.

Did you try to increase the pressure? Or probably decrease it as your faces are reversed.

If you can share the file we can have a look. ( sorry, did see you had shared )
Otherwise a solution might be to either use solid tools or intersect with a face to make that line of symmetry work? I made it a component before flipping so and edits work on both halves.

rough example attached.

I couldn’t help testing the Skinned Surface tool from my Advanced Bezier Surfaces from Curves extension and although it requires creating four surfaces, I am pretty happy with the result…ABSFC


Jacob, looks like another powerful tool! Great work!