Soap skin bubble edge issue

Any help appreciated
I have some edge irregularities with soap skin bubble
how do I get rid of these and repair the bubble?

The best way to find help with this is to upload your model and describe what issues you are experiencing. The post is far too vague to elicit a “to the point response” because you don’t illustrate the referenced irregularities.

Without the model, the only response would be a guess.

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shape_wireframe_bubble.skp (245.1 KB)

Hopefully this upload is complete?

You can see some areas at the corners where the skin is deformed and inverted
There is an area where the skin appears to not be connected also
I am unable to “pressurise” the bubble
I can input a pressure reference but this seems to have no effect

Might it be that you’re after something more like this?

If so, Soap Skin Bubble isn’t the right tool for the job. Instead, use Fredo6’s Curviloft.

That is exactly what I am after thanks Dave

Since it is finished, here it is.shape_wireframe_bubble.skp (2.0 MB)

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