How to skin/give outer shell to stuff

(I will post a picture of the problem if you don’t understand what i mean.)

Basicly I made a wireframe shell of what i want to do

And from what i have done before i use sandbox to skin stuff. Which worked all the time since they were tiny before

But when i did it with half circle arc with another one of different sizes all i got was garbage and not skinning it.

Oh its a shark body is what im doing by the way

And for a side note soap skin bubble plugin is not a option to me due to expiring after some time.

What should i do?

Oh and if soap skin bubble is the only best option so be it.

Fredo’s curviloft will probably skin for you , but best to post you skp model what ever shape it is in. Makes it much easier to decide on approach.

The Skin Soap Bubble plug-in expired for all user`s, all you need to do is go to the Extension Warehouse and re-install the latest version. If I can remember it was back in April that I re-installed it…Peace…

And there are TIGs Extrude tools

(You should post a picture of the problem if we don’t understand what you mean.)

I will look into those

But i went wi the soap tool works Great