Face on a Wireframe?

I am new and trying to learn. I took a long time to create the attached wireframe of half of a catamaran pontoon, but can’t frame it. I have soap skin bubble, but can’t get that to work. I can’t seem to access Sketchuducation to get Curviloft. Advice? Model problem?
Cat.skp (99.2 KB)

Whew, There are quite a few tiny inaccuracies and split lines in here, and you should consider scaling this up by 100 and working on it at that scale to avoid very tiny faces. I cleaned it enough to skin the cat, there are of course more than a few ways to do this, here is one.

Skin a Cat.skp (693.7 KB)


Curviloft and most Fredo’s plug-ins aren’t free anymore, if you want to install them you must download the latest version of the sketchucation store plugin and install it from the extension manager on sketchup, there you can download all the plug-ins from fredo and more, you’ll have 30 days free trial period and after that you’ll have to get a license, to be able to get it just wait till the trial period ends, if you try to use a fredo extension a window will pop up with a message that the license has expired, there’s a button to get the license of the plugin you are using but my recommendation is to get a bundle with 8 of Fredo’s plug-ins at a lower price than buying them separately.

Don’t forget you also need the latest version of LibFredo for Fredo’s extensions to work…

Thank you very much. I guess I was trying to work at too small of a scale. I scaled it up 4x and then the errors were obvious. Lesson learned. What tool did you use to check the structural integrity that gave the green check mark? And what tool did you use to skin the wireframe?

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I’d rather not pay for them. Is there a free took that will skin non co-planar edges?

I used the extension curviloft which is paid. You could stitch this manually by connecting nodes with individual edges, but the edges you have will make this challenging as there are a lot of small errors in the original file.

Extrude tools can create faces from non coplanar lines, it’s free.

What is your end use here? How specific do you need the contours of the hull to be? If you are looking for a simple way to develop skinned shapes consider starting with an existing skin and distorting it. Here I very quickly make a 48s x 24s sphere using two circles of those number sides and the follow me tool. Then I delete all except a 90˚ corner and use the scale tool and move tool to shape that as needed. You can use more or fewer sides in your initial circles for a more or less subdivided skin. I’m just messing around here with a first pass, but with time and careful selection of geometry you can make almost any shape with this method, a form of native quad modeling.


Wow. Never thought of that. So easy and good. That taught me a lot Thank you very much.

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