So we do not clog up the intro forum! Sorry again about that and thank you for your help!

I am using 2023. I should be clear: I did name the file, which is still in its proper location but it had not been saved yesterday prior to closing for restart. I am hoping to find a version from the end of day yesterday that I had not saved manually but there is no .skp or .skb because I did not save during day. Thank you so much!

There’s really no reason to expect a version from the end of the day if you didn’t save it then. SketchUp won’t overwrite the previously saved version and it won’t save it as another file.

I expect that in the time since you first asked, you could have made healthy progress redoing yesterday’s work. Save frequently and utilize your Trimble Connect storage to save a copy of the file. Save to Trimble Connect periodically, too. It will create a history of incremental saves for your project.

It was from a forced restart so I was hoping that a version was saved at that time somewhere.

Colin already told you where to look. If it’s not there, it isn’t anywhere.

Ok thank you. I have been working on other tasks in the meantime as I thought best to defer to the Sketchup Sages. Thank you to both you and Colin for weighing in!