All Recent Changes Missing

A week or so ago I made a lot of changes to the project I’m working on. Today I opened it to take some measurements and I realized that all my changes from that last work session are gone. (Needless to say, I’m more than a little freaked out by this.) I had definitely saved my changes before quitting.

Searching for all the .skp files on my computer didn’t show any different files than I expected. I do have “Create Backup” and “Auto-save” every 5 minutes checked.

This is the latest version of SU 2024 running on macOS 13.6.7.

Is there any way to get those changes back? Maybe via the backup file? Some sort of versioning history or undo?

Where were you saving the file as you worked on it? We you, by any chance, saving to your Trimble Connect storage? If so, there ought to be versions for each time you saved the file there. If you were only saving to your local, internal drive, there’s no version history unless you specifically save the file as different versions.

Please correct your forum profile. There is no 2004 version.

I’m not using Trimble Connect. But I am using Dropbox, which does have its own version history. I was able to recover my work using that.

Still, it’s disconcerting that my work could simply disappear like that. Could there be some sort of incompatibility with Dropbox?

Oops. Typo fixed.

is the file you used named

something~.skp ? with a ~ in the end?

No. The file I was using does not include that character.

I presume that’s the backup file?

Are you working on files directly saved to DropBox?

They’re in the Dropbox folder on my local drive, which is synced automatically with Dropbox’s servers. They are not set to online only. So, yes, with details.

yep. it’s skb on pc and ~.skp on mac. go figure.
because of that, the backup is quite easy to open by mistake on mac.

and opening your backup would in fact open the previous save, therefore making all the recent changes missing.