Previous saved version of SU file lost

I have unfortunately lost a previously saved version of my SketchUp file. I cannot see the previously saved version on the backup file or on my recent files on the launch pad for SketchUp. Does anyone know of an alternative way to bring back a previously saved version?

If your profile were to be properly filled out, an accurate answer could be had. The correct answer depends on the info in your profile. The OS is a vital piece of the puzzle. The graphics card can be needed in the future.

Sorry about that! I just updated my info now.

This is a handy Windows utility:

As soon as I typed the ‘p’ at the end of ‘.skp’, it immediately showed the 1050 SketchUp files I have on my C drive. You can sort by date modified too, then right-click, Open Path, for anything in the list.

Hopefully the file you’re looking for was moved somewhere, and it will show up.

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Thank you so much, this was super helpful!