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As a SketchUp user I would like the ability to version my sketchup files (.skp) so that I can rollback to a previous version(save) so that I can undo a change from days/weeks/months ago.

I’m an iOS developer by profession who is currently using and loving SketchUp to model my new home. There are times when I would love to go back to a previous version and start over because I made a mistake or just want to choose a different direction. I know you can manually save and copy files to keep track but that seems tedious and doesn’t keep track of change vectors.

I could see this new feature implemented using a something similar to a source code repository. You could have a local repo (local file system) on your device and a remote repo (origin) in Trimble connect. Your daily work would be saved/committed to your local repo with the ability to add notes with each save/commit. You could then push/sync those changes to the remote repo. Managing version conflicts might be difficult if you have multiple people working on the same file (it would be hard to view changes in an image) so maybe you implement a file checkout procedure where the file is locked for editing while another person is editing

Maybe a short term solution would be to just create a repo in GitHub, pull it down, and add the sketchup file to this local repo directory. Then use a tool like Sourcetree to manage committing and pushing (or do it manually with git commands)

Thanks for your consideration.


You can do that with Trimble Connect. Each time you save a file to your Trimble Connect storage it creates an incremental save. You can go back to any earlier version you’d like. From a recent model:
Screenshot - 5_11_2024 , 11_07_54 AM
Clicking on See history:


Thank you very much!!!