Access Version History in SketchUp For Schools


(The normal method of looking at version history through Tremble connect is not working for SketchUp for schools)

I’ve been working on a project for weeks now, and although I encountered many problems with saving my project, I never lost my progress on it’s entirety. However, I downloaded the file (with the .skp) extension to my computer in case something went wrong. Today, when trying to upload this file to my Sketchup for Schools account (because the file I was working on didn’t save, so this downloaded file should’ve contained the version I wanted), the uploaded file overrode the existing file on the website. When I downloaded that file, there must have happened an issue since I can no longer open this file due to an error saying: this is not a Sketchup model. I’ve also tried opening this .skp file using Sketchup viwer, but I can the same error. I believe that when it was downloaded, only the header was saved, but the content of the model not. I then entered Trimble connect to access the version history, but it does not appear there. I think this is happening because Trimble is not connecting to Sketchup schools. Is there any way to recuperate my progress?

Thank you,

Julia Fuchs