Save a Copy As… old version

I’m going to bring this feature request up again as the last request is old and now archived/closed. And surprisingly, there have been NO updates to SketchUp 2018 since its initial release last November. I think I send a bug splat every single week, so I question what the devs are actually doing nowadays.

Will you PLEASE add the file version pop-up to the “Save A Copy As…” dialog so that a snapshot of the in-memory model (and any changes to it) can be written to a separate file without affecting the currently open file?

The way that a user currently has to export an older version file is fraught with error since “Save As…” makes the older version the current file, orphaning the previous file that was open. I would personally bet every single Trimble developer that 99.9% of users use this to export a snapshot of the current in-memory model for import into another software package that doesn’t support the latest SketchUp file format. I use it for Shark and VCarve, and as it is now, I cringe because I have to do a save, then a “save as,” then close the model and reopen the previous model to make sure that I’m back where I started. Pretty stupid workflow guys.

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Or have it like the ‘Save as…’ option, instead of adding ’ copy’ to the name, the year and like the ‘Save as…’ option, move on.

Interesting… We don’t get that in the “Save A Copy As…” dialog in the Mac version of SketchUp Pro 2018.

So Trimble, please amend my request to the Mac version.

I agree it would make a lot sense to add custom version for Save Copy As on Mac too.

I think you are a little unfair to the developers though, a lot of new things are added in each version, like section fill in SU2018.