Save a Copy As... old version

The “Save a Copy As…” Menu is handy, but would be much more useful if it could save as older versions of Sketchup, like the “Save As…” menu item.

This has become more relevant now that there’s no new versions of Sketchup Make coming out, so I will often need to save to an old version for sharing a file. I would like to use Save a Copy for this to give it a different name and save to different location without altering the file I’m working on.

Edit: I’ve put this in the wrong section. I meant this for SketchUp, but it would be good for Layout too.

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SketchUp already has this. It would certainly make sense to make LO more consistent.

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And it would be even more useful if you could set the version as a default, so that Save (or its shortcut Ctrl-S) saved in an older version (like, for example, MS Word).

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don’t mess with ‘Save’, it is the only way of saving the file your working on from it’s location in memory…

if you use either of the other options, you haven’t ‘saved’ a current version, and would loose any ‘new’ features if SU was closed without an additional ‘Save’…

‘Save a Copy As’ is for archiving the ‘in memory’ as the current version…

‘Save As’ is for continuing to work under a new title with any changes made ‘in memory’…

neither are really appropriate for back saving in the mac multi document environment and you can easily loose changes unless careful…

SU should have a separate ‘Save as Previous Version’ which could also do a ‘Save’ at the same time…

Personally, I think SU and LO should use apples builtin auto save for the current SU/LO version and then the other two can be ‘versioned’ easily…



Point accepted.

I have to save back to v2016 for a colleague whose graphics hardware won’t run v2017 or later, and if I Save by reflex action with the shortcut, it overwrites the 2016 version. But I should save the 2016 copy to a different location.

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Which Save a Copy As… would be perfect for if it let you save as a previous version.

Indeed. And even better if it would add a version suffix to the file name, and/or save by default to a different folder


It would be handy to collaborate with an old 2014 version that I have to use on a Vista machine here in the office.

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