Saving as older versions by default



Is there a way to save SketchUp file as older versions by default, for instance when exiting the program?

thanks in advance


No, nearest you can get is a ‘Save Copy As’ plugin on SketchUcation…


figures… was hoping someone had corrected that by now… thank you.


Pity it isn’t a user selectable default in SU itself - it’s been made a feature request for several versions.

One of my colleagues uses a laptop with integrated graphics, and can’t run SU 2017. I know I’ll keep forgetting, and send him files he can’t open.


an integrated graphics doesn’t exclude the use of SU 2017, if an intel HD/Iris affected using the intel driver version (or higher) should fix crash issues launching SU (or the SU2017 CheckUp Tool).


He says he’s checked for driver updates and has the latest, and that it will only support OpenGL 2.1.

But I don’t know the details of where he’s checked, nor of his actual Intel hardware.

I’ll pursue a bit further to see if he can use the version you suggest, and whether his hardware is up to OpenGl 3 with the right driver.