Save as 'Earlier_Version' as default - how?


  • I work with sketchup 2021 pro
  • A collegue of mine works at 2018
  • These are the only two licences we have
  • I make model
  • She is assigned to supervise my work
  • We share server
  • She opens my model from her computer
  • Each time I save model I have to save it in earlier version, else she cannot open it

Can I set the program to save the model by default to earlier version, so each time I save I don`t have to scroll through all the available versions of sketchup?

hello, look for eneroth legacy save plugin

it is available in the extension warehouse.

you can then reassign the ctrl+save (on windows) shortcut to the save in legacy format

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Not the solution I imagined, still it is way more convenient than what I have had- therefore I thank thee kind sir :slight_smile:

The same author has also created an “Open newer version” extension that can be used in v. 2018 to open v. 2021 and later files.

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