Can't find plugin to save automatically as older version

I’m sure I’ve read about a plugin that makes it quicker - perhaps automatic - to save a SU file as an older version.

I know it can be done via menu File Save As, but I often forget to do that for a colleague whose computer can’t run SU 2017 - he needs v 2016 files.

I’ve search both SketchUcation Plugin Store and Extension Warehouse for ‘save as’, and get nothing relevant. I’ve also searched this forum, where I think I first saw it mentioned, again with no useful result.

Can anyone point me to a source for this plugin? Thanks in advance if you can.

I remember a post the other day where a guy uploads a model to the warehouse in one version and downloads it on another. Think it was something like that?

Not the plugin you want, but may help.

it’s one of @jim_foltz’s plugins…

maybe on his site if not at SCF…


This, maybe…

Thank you for the suggestion, but I don’t think it’s that one.

Where is his website? Google didn’t find it for me.
EDIT: this is it, I think - didn’t recognise it at first from the site name.

EDIT2: But it isn’t listed under any title.

Guess I’m out of luck then.

it’s Save Copy as Previous Version


Very many thanks.

Thanks for the name, John, but I still can’t find it in SketchUcation plugin store, or Extension Warehouse, or Jim Foltz’s blog list of his plugins, either by plugin name, or under his name as author - Jim or Jim Foltz.

Nothing at all comes up in SketchUcation plugin store searching for ‘save copy as’ or even ‘save copy’; and I get lots of apparently irrelevant results in the Extension Warehouse.

Any other suggestions for where to look?

If you click on the link supplied by @john_drivenupthewall and scroll to the end of the post there is a downloadable RB file.

That needs to be downloaded and then it needs to be in your user Plugins folder.
When you restart SketchUp there’s a new submenu under ‘File’.

If you don’t know how to get it into your Plugins folder there are several ways…

  1. Find your Plugins folder and drop in the RB file:
    To open your Plugins folder copy+paste + [enter] in the Ruby Console:

  2. Make a ZIP file containing the RB file:
    Rename it as an .RBZ file.
    Use the native installer:
    Menu - Window > Extension Manager > Install… [red button]
    or if < v2017 [On PC… Window >] Preferences > Extensions > Install… [button]
    Choose the RBZ file.

@TIG, thanks. I’m sorry, I somehow didn’t think to follow John’s link - dense of me.

When I find the RB file, I know how to load it, but thanks for the pointers.

I didn’t think to search in the SketchUcation forum, just the Plugin store.

Having now read the post, I see it uses VBScript, and is Windows only. I have a Mac.

So, back to remembering to Save As v2016.

I did a mac version that was lost when my HD failed…

I thought Jim’s was cross platform so never revisited it…

I’ll have a look over the weekend…


Thank you very much - brilliant if you can, but not a big deal to manage without it.

I posted one here


Briliiant, Jim. Works a treat on Mac.

I think I must have seen that thread at the time, but forgot where I’d seen it.

Thanks so much to all who helped me try to find it.

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