Very frustrated with sketchup eating my file

How can sketchup shut down automatically without leaving single byte trace of the file working whole day and saving frequently ? Though I could not remember where did I saved first time.

If you saved the file at some point it should be present on your computer and there should be a backup file, too. It is up to you to decide where to save the file though.

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was working 3 files at the same time, crashed at same time, found other files in recent folder but not what i needed

Did you actually save the one you are looking for now?

I know crashes are very normal in sketchup, so I just saved around 5 minutes before crash and i already mentioned i could not remember where I did the first save

If you know what you named the file then you should be able to find it no problem.

That’s different than the file being deleted from your computer. Do a search for the file in File Explorer. Or search for all .skp files.

I have already tried every possible way from file name to save location and searching, and also I have lost 100% hope of finding the file. Just unsure to start working now or sleep tonight and work tomorrow morning being fresh minded

You’re using SketchUp 2017 Make so I presume this is just a hobby for you. No point losing sleep for your hobby.

Maybe while you’re sleeping on it you’ll remember the name of the file and where you saved it.

It was an official work, but of course working is hobby, excitement and all

You’re using SketchUp 2017 Make for “official work”? That’s a violation of the terms of use.

No, its Sketchup pro 2017, and I really do not have idea like that, so thank you for your information.

How about fixing your profile then? You put in the wrong version.

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Changed it, thank you. And I will start working tomorrow in a little bit of dark hope till then that someone will help sort out my problem in any other way. Nice talking with you. And also thank you for your replies to sort out my problem.

Where is your ‘recent folder’ located? Is it on the same computer where the SketchUp App is located or is it in a remote location?

I opened the recent folder with command ‘window+R>recent’.

That command has no idea what folder you’ve SAVED something to. The ‘recent’ folders are those which you’ve opened within the explorer. You could save files from a hundred different programs, and the file explorer would have no idea it happened. Open Sketchup and see where your default save file location is.

I would also repeat Dave’s advise of doing a file search on your ENTIRE hard drive, not just a recent folder.

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I have gone through that idea of searching entire hard drive but could not find it. And now I have almost reached to the check point where I lost the file with the new work.
I am very thankful for all your concern.