SketchUp 2023 is not saving files despite activly clicking Ctrl+s

I am using Sketchup 2023 and was working on files which were definetly saved and reopened at least once on my PC (Windows 11). After finishing part of the project I consciously clicked Ctrl+S (despite having autosave On). After coming back to the project on the next day I wanted to reopen the file but last changed was from… few days before. SketchUp did not save my last progress at all, not only did it not save the ‘forced’ save but also did not provide any Autosaves or backups from previous day.

Few days later l wanted to reproduce the issue to investigate. I saved my project as a different file (same location, different filename). Similar thing happened: SketchUp did not save any backups and more than that it DID create a file with my specified name but the content of the file was from BEFORE I even started working on the file on that day. I checked Windows history. The ‘Created Date’ was 10th April but the ‘Last Modified Date’ was 8th April. How is it possible that SketchUp created a file with nothing of my recent work in it?

Few days of work are gone. This is not something that is due to forgetfulness or distraction while closing the program, SketchUp is NOT saving my work. I will gladly provide any logs that would be helpful to investigate the issue and fix it. My colleagues also experience simiral issues and we are working with Local IT to exclude any potential Networking(Licencing) issue.

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