Snapping to Lower Layers in Layout

I’ve got a couple of viewports stacked (hybrid layer over top a raster layer) and I’m trying to snap to a point on the lower raster layer/viewport but unable to even though there’s no portion of the top hybrid layer covering it. My current workaround is to quickly change the size of the top viewport (ie. to get it out of the way temporarily) and then snap to that lower layer/viewport, do whatever, then change the top viewport size back to what it was. Sounds dicey eh. Let me know if there’s a keyboard toggle that allows for snapping to top and all lower layers or any other method that works in this scenario. Thanks!

Are you able to share the Layout file?

If you’d put each of the stacked viewports on a separate layer you’d be able to turn off the visibility for the layers above the one you are trying to snap to without screwing around with resizing or moving viewports.

When you are creating the stacked viewports, use Copy and then Paste to Current Layer.

Hi Dave, thanks for the reply. Yeah, the viewports are on separate layers - that works except when you want to do something such as move both the stacked viewports together while both layers are visible. But get this… if I zoom waaaaaaay out, I’m actually able snap to that lower viewport like how I expected it to work so that’s a new workaround for me - I don’t think it’s gotta do anything with my viewports specifically so if it’s a LO phenomenon, it’d be great if that can be resolved one way or another.

You can move the stacked viewports together when they are on separate layers as long as none of the layers are locked. Here’s three stacked viewports each on a different layer plus labels on a fourth layer moving as one.

You could select all of that and group it, too.


Thanks Dave. The issue isn’t about moving stacked viewports. Thanks anyways.

I was responding to your reason that stacking viewports on multiple layers doesn’t work.

Thanks Dave, my reference to moving the two viewports together was only an example for when both viewport layers are visible and I’m trying to use a reference point (snap point) on the lower layer (which relates to the main issue at hand ie. I cannot snap to lower layers) and I can’t get a snap to it nor can I, as you suggested, turn the top layer off, as I wish to move that top viewport as well. Hopefully that makes sense to you.

But as I alluded to in one of my latter replies, if I zoom out (ie. zoom-extents out), I actually CAN snap to the lower layers.