Viewport positioning

What determines the position, say center point, of the viewport?

Follow-up question, say that I have two or three stacked viewports and I wish to change the scale and the positioning of the view port relative to the SU model, how should one do that, e.g. to fit the viewport below to fit a specific page size?


If you want to control the camera for multiple (stacked) viewports, it is best to set up a scene for that in SketchUp, before inserting into LayOut.
Then you have control.
Set up layers for each stacked viewport in LayOut, so you have control over the selection and set individually.

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If a viewport is set to not retain scale on resize, the view center is in the viewport center. A viewport that is set to retain scaling on resize can have its center “shifted” when resized.

So, say that one has three stacked viewports. In you opinion, how should move the center of the of the viewports? Move one viewport in SU, and update the remaining two to match the first viewport?

I make sure to move and resize them together so have them lined up. If I lose the alignment, I delete the misaligned viewport, copy the other and recreate the differences again.

It would be great with an eyedropper like tool that allowed us to pick up the camera of one viewport and apply to another to have them match (and this is one of the first things I’d do if there was a live LayOut API).

Even better would of course be if we didn’t need stacked viewports in the first place. Section fills in 2018 is a good step in this direction, but we are not there yet it seems.

I adjust the bottom most viewport by dragging its sides and locating it as needed, then copy and paste to the other viewport layers and just change the scene. Assuming you created your scenes correctly with the same camera position for each, you don’t need to do any further adjustment.

If you have to move them on the page or to another page, select them all and do it in one step.