Aligning model content in Layout


Is there an accurate way (to grid or by edge/endpoint) to align the content of two different SU models on the Layout page? For example, given SU models for two different objects, being displayed ortho, front and to scale, can the left hand edge of each be aligned vertically? The Layout viewport can be aligned but not, as far as I can see, the objects within the models. Thank you.


If you turn on Object Snap, your Move tool will snap to objects within the SketchUp view.



I place viewports on a page and align the sketchup model to scale. Several viewports on the same page. Later, after editing the sketchup model and updating the status from “old” to “new”, the viewports lose their formatting and the referenced sketchup model scene drifts to a new location. Very frustrating. Any advice?

(I’ve contacted sketchup tech support, but no response in 2 days.)


Save your SketchUp views as Scenes and set your LayOut viewports to reference those instead of the “Last saved SketchUp View”. In that way the camera and projection settings of the viewports will stay put when you update your model.