Positioning drawings


I have three sections of the house. I need to place them EXACTLY in the same place of the following sheets (not a frame but drawing). I cannot find any tool in Layout to coordinate views on the sheet. How to do it?


What does this mean?

Are the sections from different scenes in a SketchUp model?

Assuming they are, copy the first viewport, go to the next page and paste . Then in the SketchUp Model window on the right, choose the next scene. Repeat for the third sheet. In LayOut, the Paste operation is Paste in Place.


In this way I can organise entire viewports. How to coordinate content of the viewport too? I prepared views in Sketchup. When i put them in Layout i can place drawing frame properly, but content is in random place. Can I use some guidelines or sth?


In SketchUp, select your master scene. So the pencil is by the scene. Alt select the othe scenes so they are grey sekected. Click update scene and uncheck everything except camera position and then update. This will mirror your master scene camera location to the other scenes. On layout all your scenes ‘content’ should now be aligned the same.


Almost OK, but it works only with views in the same direction! Anyway, thanks a lot!


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