Issue with Layout Scene referance positions

Hi All,
I use a lot of overlays when presenting my designs,
So typically I have this set up: I’ll have 2 Scenes with the same camera positions, 1 scene might be the full model, the other scene will have elements hidden. I have a white rectangle set with a transparency of say 80. this makes things I want to highlight pop while still getting an overall idea of the full model…

The Issue I’m having is the scenes are getting mis-aligned. I go back and check my model, and they are all as they should be, but Layout is not interpreting them correctly. Things are correct in what is hidden and not hidden, it is purely a positional thing, and it’s a ball ache to have to try and re-align them as they often corrupt again if I updated the model reference.

Anyone else having this issue.? Is there a fix, or a fix in the pipeline.?

Tony (9 Design)

Post a model so it can be examined and possibly point out a better work flow.

What version are you using? If it’s 2021 as your profile says I can’t know what could be causing it until I can see a file, on sketchup 2023 its a known problem with scenes using perspective views, according to sketchup members this bug is already fixed and will be released with the next update, in case you’re using sketchup 2023.

I’m using 2023.
Not sure how to change that on my profile.


Same issue - my work flow is more or less the same.
Create scenes in Sketchup with the same camera view in order to align scenes in layout.

Sketchup / Layout 2023 seems to move the camera view when copying a viewport in layout and then changing the scene.

The image attached is an example. The top view port is the original, the bottom has been copied and scene has been changed. The scenes in sketchup should be aligned. The grey box outline is just to give visual indication of how much is misaligned.

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Last week we found a bug in the Layout dealing with the “Preserve Scale” function of the Sketchup Model Viewport. The work around that I found works is to toggle on and off the “Ortho” button and then set your viewport scale to the desired scale. After this happens you are given an option to “Reset” your camera, do not hit reset or the camera will randomly move again. Now you should be able to change scenes without having the camera move randomly. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

layout camera settings

If you have modified the Camera properties as you show, selecting a different scene will have no impact on the viewport until you reset the Camera.

Thanks for the input guys.
I have reverted back to 2022 until they fix the issue, it pretty much makes Layout unusable to me, dimensions and leaders get mis-aligned and corrupted nearly every time I update the model reference. For me, it’s impossible to work this way.
I’ll monitor the updates and go back to 2023 when they release a working version of Layout.

Cheers Guys…

Any idea if this issue has been solved?

Not yet.

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