Problem with layout scene not working


My layout seems to have a problem where the scenes saved in SketchUp don’t transfer properly to layout. I presume that for some odd reason the standard view overrides the camera’s location once in layout.

Meaning that I create a section, and pick my camera location in line with my elevation, works perfect in Sketchup, but once I get to layout and select my scene for the viewport. The camera is located on a top angle or whatever I have chosen as a standard view (right-click tab option). I tried removing the standard view check mark but it does not work.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

BAR 1.2.layout (1.0 MB)
BAR 1.2.skp (972.6 KB)

In the first viewport I saw when I opened your LayOut file I see that you’ve overridden the Camera and Style properties for the scene. By doing that in LayOut, changes to those properties in the scene will not translate into the viewport. You’ve told LayOut that you aren’t interested in those properties in the scene in SketchUp. Reset the viewport and go from there.

This one uses the Last saved SketchUp view which is even more problematic when you reset the viewport because it will show what you’ve chosen to show; the view that was active when you saved the SketchUp file.

After Reset:

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Here I’ve cleaned up the SketchUp file a bit and reset the viewports. By choosing the FLOORPLAN scene for that first one, most of the dimensions appear to be in pretty good shape although you should check them.
BAR 1.2.layout (432.9 KB)

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DaveR. your awesome. Thank you!!

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