Layout Ortho Viewport Origin

Hi. I’m having trouble creating an orthographic view of my model. I have a viewport of the model in Layout with standard view RIGHT, Ortho checked (under Camera settings). I duplicate the viewport, move the viewport screen right, then change the Standard View drop down to Top (it’s not just Top I’m having trouble with). The viewport updates, but I lose the model; I zoom out, and open up the viewport bounding box to see if I can find it! I’ve had some luck with this technique, but very rarely. The model in Sketchup is not at the origin. Does this have something to do with it? Solutions welcomed.

It could have something to do with it. Personally I find it easier to set up scenes in SketchUp that show the model in those ortho views and then select the appropriate scene for the viewport instead of making those views directly in LO. Much easier to control in SketchUp that way.

Hi DaveR. Thanks for speedy reply. I thought I would embrace Layouts features to limit/reduce number of Sketchup scenes. I agree, Sketchup gives you more control. Thanks again.

Has anyone had or seen this issue?

I have seen this issue many times over the years. It has to do with the way the way the user sets up the model and modifies the camera position in the viewport away from the saved position.

FWIW, the new features in LO do allow one to reduce the number of scenes required but I don’t think it eliminates the need to creat scenes altogether. FWIW, a project I’ve been working on today has 5 scenes and so far 20 viewports made from those scenes. In the past I would have had nearly as many scenes as viewports.

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