Adjusting the viewport

Perhaps there is something wrong with my workflow (please suggest improvements) but is there some way to copy the viewport settings from Scene1 to Scene2.

Say that have a number of stacked viewports in Layout and I want to change the center of the viewport, how should one do that? Ruby would be an easy way if it can adjust the viewport to a specific reading.

No need for an extension to do that. If you want to change the camera position for a number of scenes, set up the position for one of them. Then select that scene and the others in the Scenes panel that need to be changed, click on the Update button. Then in the list untick all but Camera and update.

Probably be a good idea if you stop searching for a “Ruby” to do everything. Find out what the native tools can do first.

Thanks again, and I’ll take your advice into consideration.

Sorry, one more perhaps obvious question. Within Layout, after panning the viewport, do you if it is possible to update the camera position. Currently I use trial and error and it is not very effective (change camera position a little bit in SU, update in LO, repeat)

You can’t update the camera position in SketchUp based on a change you made in LayOut. Best practice is to NOT pan, zoom, or orbit in the viewport in LayOut. Especially when you are trying to stack viewports. Instead make the changes in SketchUp, save those changes and update the reference in LO. As long as those viewports don’t show “Modified” next to the scene name, the viewports should update automatically.

No trial and error required with proper workflow.

Related to the trial error, if wish to shift the viewport in SU say by 30mm (measured in Layout terms), is there some way to accomplish that?

You want to move the camera 30mm? Is that in model space?

Maybe all you need to do is make sure the viewports are all set to Preserve Scale on Resize and then drag the edges of the viewports (DO Not open them, just select them.) You could select the entire stack and drag the edges in one move.

Yes, model space or in terms of Layout scale.