Help with Layout Viewports

I have not worked on this drawing in a couple months and now there is something wrong with stacked viewports. I went into the referenced drawing and checked every saved scene to make sure certain layers were off and then updated the scene. I then updated the reference in Layout. But a second plan and area solids are showing up that should absolutely not be there. So I moved the model viewport to another layer so I could turn it off. And the plan still shows up. If I try selecting it, I can only pick all the other stacked viewports. So one-by-one I locked stacked viewports. But I cannot pick the one viewport with the information that I do not want to show. I have no idea what to do, but I have been absolutely wasting my time trying to fix this. There is a warning triangle on the page and I have no idea if it is related to my problem because I can’t find out what it means.

OK, I am going crazy. I just clicked on the yellow warning triangle a few times and then also clicked on the plan again a few times and suddenly the overlapped plan disappeared. Now I just see a roof plan view on my site, as it should be.

It’s kind of a mess but the viewport on the Utilities layer is locked.

Turn off the visibility for the other layers so you can select that viewport. Then right click on it and unlock it. Make sure Auto Render is enabled. Turn off visibility for all but one layer at a time to check for other viewports that need to be rendered.

FWIW, if you are going to use stacked viewports, each viewport should be on its own layer so you can access those viewports lower in the stack by turning off the visibility for those above.

A lot of your layers show as shared. Is this what you want? It means that the viewports on those layers will show on every page if the layer is visible.

Make sure you are using tags correctly in your SketchUp model. That will make your model easier to work with and help with viewport management in LO. Results of fixing incorrectly tagged geometry.
Screenshot - 5_17_2022 , 12_36_51 AM
Also purge unused stuff once in awhile. That will help to keep the file size under control and performance up.
Screenshot - 5_17_2022 , 12_37_07 AM

It is a mess, I admit. I keep plugging forward working toward deadlines doing the best I can. I use templates for my sheets, so the layers and formatting come as-is. The stacked viewports is actually an out of date technique that was used to be able to change line types of elements. But now I can change the line type in SketchUp, so I just deleted all of the stacked viewports. I clearly made a mistake when I duplicated my site plan sheet to create a new sheet. All of the text is on a shared layer and so when I move it on one sheet it moves on the other. It took me a hot minute to figure that out. I do try to purge regularly and am getting better with tags. I appreciate all of your constructive criticism. I can only get better if I keep at it.

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If I were doing this I would still make the line type changes in LayOut but it can be done in a single viewport. Or maybe two stacked ones if you want to still have a raster rendered viewport for the color stuff.

I did this as an example for someone yesterday. The two viewports use the same scene from the SketchUp model. The one on the left shows the model as it appears in SketchUp and without modification in LO. The one on the right shows a variety of line colors and styles per tag.

In your model you should be able to get all of the plan view stuff from a single scene even if you do want to stack viewports. You can choose which tags are visible and which aren’t for each viewport as well as changing the line style and the overall viewport style.