Selection Toys for Layout

Ability to choose entities by type, by layer, by style, by stroke, by fill, by linetype, by font, by font size, by font style, by viewport scale by size, or by whatever…

There’s too much info, in too many layers, with too many stacked viewports and with to many viewports reset to take care of.

A layout file is becoming a huge pile.

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This one often stumps me, how to select a buried layer in a set of stacked viewports?

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Put every viewport on a separate layer. Then lock or turn off the layers over the viewport you want to select.

Eat something good for me in Vancouver.

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Yup, happened just now. Can never tell how many stacked viewports I have and which should be in which layer. I often find my errors after exporting to DWG.

In theory that’s what I do. However… I can’t keep myself organized. Too much stuff that I have on separate viewports that need separate layers.

This is the viewport I had to change but all the layers I hateched in the sketch correspond to viewports spread throughout this page as well as others. I have a viewport per Layer that I need in CAD:

Three viewports since three layers show selected.
Screenshot - 9_27_2022 , 9_18_32 AM

Sounds like you need to be protected from yourself. :smiley:
Just kidding.

I know you’re kidding but it’s actually true.

We have to do this and deliver as fast as possible and there’s no time to keep things organized. In the end of the day things get messy. If you think projects like this keep evolving with more info from engineers and for each engineer a new stacked viewport and layer must be created you can see that at each step we take the stacked and complexity gets bigger.

The biggest problem is that it’s also not continuous work. It stops at stages for other stakeholders to analyse. When you get back to it you have to dig around what you did, what viewport goes where and why. Why that group in the model has certain tag organization…

This is a workflow that seems a workaround that keeps adding micromanagement and complexity.

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You bet, I missed yesterday, life got in the way, I’m just headed in this morning. Wishing you were here👍

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Thanks! Me, too. Have fun.

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