Smoove tool

Back at it after a considerable absence.
Wondering if it is possible to create a grid over an imported jpeg image traced line(s) and then use the smoove to create varying contours?
Hi Dave!

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Explode the image to become a textured face the draw the grid on it to divide the face into small squares and go at it with Smoove.


Thanks Dave!! Missed the explode in a tutorial…
Remember the eagle?

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How’d that eagle turn out?

Nice that you remembered. I have decided that for the memorial it should be carved in relief. I have a jpeg that I am trying to modify and changing the design. To give it some aspects of varied topography. It will be carved in granite. Having trouble assigning texture for smoove operation.

Perhaps and so I strive…to learn in the Curviloft.

What’s the matter with Curviloft?

Smoove loses the sharp or more defined edges that I need. Looks like I need to create line contours first with different elevations and then join them with sandbox tools. So to model do I need to separate each unique shape and model and then re-assemble?

The Smoove tool is designed to create terrain and not stepped elevations like it sounds as if you’re after. You’ll need to make edges to separate regions into faces that can be extruded by Push/Pull for that. Basically you would need to traces edges in the imported image since the image is raster not vector.There are some online apps out there and other programs that will “automatically” develop vector line work in the form of a DXF file that may be useful but in my experience with them they create more work than the save.

Okay thanks! I can trace and offset then smoove. Each shape will be a separate entity. Do you suggest creating a group then each individual as a component? Eagle2copy~.skp (825.1 KB)

I wouldn’t bother create a group of the whole thing. You could make individual components of the different sectors. What are you going to do with it once you have it modeled? Are you going to need the separate parts?

No I will re-assemble the components into the overall design shape and export into layout. This will be carved in Granite.
I want the body of the bird to have more contour and elevation.

So it probably doesn’t need to be separate components. How are you going to get across the idea of the added depth in LayOut? Maybe there’s no point in showing that in the model.

Ok… thought I would do a typical slice or cross-section once modeled. Not sure how to accomplish that perhaps not in layout. But I have to give rough overall dimensions for the carver.

I guess I would do a 2D thing pretty much like you’ve got and then work out a 2D cross section through it and draw that manaually.

This won’t be right but it should give you an idea.

Great thought and yes I can do some typical cross sections with dimensions shown in Layout. I think I can cut cross-sections in Layout. Does this remain a raster through out or will it be a solid?

You could draw the cross section in LayOut but I would just do it in SketchUp like I did in my example. Then set up a scene or scenes showing the views you need. Use Parallel Projection and a standard view so you can set a scale in the LayOut document.

Thanks, Dave! Will give this a go. Very helpful!! May try, for grins, just modeling the bird body in 3-D. Maybe as a scene to help get the contour “explained”…

Will I be able to add surface features after the 3-D modeling? EagleBody.skp (472.5 KB)

Stamping or extruding…