Smoove Tool Issues

Sorry in advance for the dumb question. I am trying to adjust my grid/terrain using the smoove tool. I need to lower the terrain and once I adjust it and click, it erases what I did…What am I doing wrong?

All new to this…Thanks in advance.

It’s hard to say what you are doing wrong. Maybe it would help if you share the .skp file.

For me it works to click and release to start the tool, move the cursor, then click and release again. Or Click, hold, drag, and release. What steps are you following exactly?

HI Dave, I lower the terrain down and then I click my mouse and as soon as I do it erases the terrain.

It erases all your grid terrain? Or just the area the smoove tool was manipulating?

Can you post your .skp file here by dragging it into a response window. Or if it’s too large then use a transfer service and post the link. Have you tried the tools in a fresh file?