Need help creating faces from a 3D DXF file of terrain

I have imported a DXF (3D) and want to create a face from it. Is that possible? With my face extension (Eneroth) it only works on a 2D model as it seams. I’m working with terrain and stairs… so it’s closed shapes, not contour maps (that would be easier…)

It’s kind of hard to say exactly what you’d need to do without seeing exactly what you’ve got. Can you share the SketchUp file? Might be at least some of it could be done with From Contours in the Sandbox Tools. Or there are some extensions that might. Or, depending the geometry, it might make more sense to use the imported dxf file as a reference to create new geometry in SketchUp.

Looks like this (an example from Moasure) Since the shape is closed I can’t use the from contours tool right? Would be great to be able to close a shape like this (or a terrain shape with closed lines) since I need it when I do landscape designs.

Ah, seeing that screenshot makes it clearer. With a closed loop of edges like that my first thought would be to use the Curviloft extension. That should create a surface.

Hi did you ever figure this out? I am trying to accomplish the same thing