Trouble with faces using Eneroth's Face Creator

I am having trouble using the extension (Eneroth Face Creator). I am trying to create faces with an abstract polygon-type structure. Of course certain faces aren’t showing up. I would highlight them and then click extension, nothing happens. Please, need help asap! :pensive:

I got a Sketchup Pro 2020 if that helps or matters.

If they aren’t co planer they won’t form faces anyway.
Attach your model so we can see what you have.

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Not an image, the model itself.

Too big apparently

Go window/model info/statistics and hit the purge unused button, then save and try again.

Still did not work

Sorry, just getting in the car for a 2hour drive so someone else will need to help you.
How big is the file?
You can upload the model to the 3d warehouse and copy/paste the link here.
Or upload to dropbox or similar and post here.

It’s about 28.7mb, I think I will try 3d warehouse.

To form a face, at least three coplanar edges joined at the corners are required.
Draw those red dotted lines and you will see that faces are forming.

The extension will automatically create faces if the conditions are met.

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So basically as @Box mentioned, in order to make faces it needs to be coplaner… This goes for EVERY form or shape you make? But what is Eneroth for then if it can’t be bothered with a model like mine? Still needs to be a coplaner?

One common case for using it would be with imported 2D CAD files which come in without faces. The extension looks for closed loops of coplanar edges and creates faces inside them.

It’s not that the extension “can’t be bothered with a model like yours”, it’s just that you haven’t given it the parameters it is designed to work with. There are other extensions that can do what you need but in this example, creating the triangles manually wouldn’t be that difficult.

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I was just avoiding all those vectors lines from showing up. I was hoping to just get the face in, if there are other extensions do you have any suggestions?

without those edges no faces, but you can hide them if needed…

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As @cotty wrote, those edges are required to get the faces. You can hide them or soften them.

Fredo6’s Curviloft would be one of them. It’s available from Sketchucation.

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