Closing lines to create a triangular face with vertices in diferent positions

Are there any easy way or a plugin that allows me to create a face like the one I marked in red. The vertices are in different positions so I’m

having such a headache doing this.

Nothing posted!

I updated

Eneroth face creator will create any faces that can be

Normally, redrawing any of these 3 lines should make a face. because a face is minimum 3 coplanar lines.

If it doesn’t work, it might be that one of your 3 lines is actually not one but more segments. Maybe you have a slight inflexion somewhere, of a 10th of a degree, but SU will see it a two lines, and you’ll loose the coplanar thing.

Could you share the 3d model with us, so we can dig in and check ? (either here, by dragging it into the text window, or through wetransfer / any drive really)

This, especially if one of your line is actually broken in two or more and it’s not obvious, this can be very frustrating.

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