Can't make the Eneroth Face creator work

I am doing the ‘Sketchup’ for landscape and design course. I’m on the ‘CAD cleanup and making faces’ section. So the dwg file has been downloaded, I followed all the steps, closed all edge gaps, flatten to plane and then when I try and use the Eneroth face creator nothing happens.
When I installed it, it did say that it wasn’t compatible with my operating system, but I was able to click install anyway. And when I go into it does say unsigned.
I am just using the 30 day free trial currently, could this be the reason and if so is there another way to create faces?

If you can attach your model someone may be able to spot the problem for you.

Here it is :slight_smile:
Practise.skp (4.2 MB)

Change the style from Wireframe to Shaded with textures

Until you learn and understand (and even then you can avoid it), don’t assign tags to raw geometry (edges, faces, arcs, circles), but only groups and components.


Thank you so much!